Friday, September 14, 2012

The Wooing of Jane Grey by C.E. Hilbert

Thirty two year old Jane Grey is in a dating slump and a work rut.  Her older sister is married and has that perfect family going.  Her younger sister is ready to tie the knot with her knight in shining armor (or in this case, a good looking guy with a fancy law degree).  Now Jane's mom will be able to obsess over Jane's old maid status full-time.

All that changes within 24 hours.  Jane takes a big risk and applies for a job as an event planner, her idea of a dream job.  No, she doesn't get the job.  (I still chuckle over the interview scene as Jane is effectively shut down by the interviewer after Jane spews out her practiced "perfect interview" speech.  But within minutes, Jane won't have time to think about a failed interview when a classically handsome man bumps into her as she leaves the office building, then asks her out.  Delighted over the prospects of a date with someone who seems to truly be a nice guy, Jane returns to her old job to find a message from her longtime best gal pal Millie who has news that they have been given tickets to the hockey game AND a charity event following the game.  Even more importantly, they will share a table with hockey star Lindy Barrett.  Jane has followed Lindy's career since she was nineteen.  As he holds out the chair for her to be seated at the dinner that night, she can't help wonder what he would think if he knew that she kept  his poster on her dorm room wall throughout college.

Soon Jane's days are a blur of testerone.  Matt appears to be the perfect match.  A Christian like Jane, Matt shares her faith and values.  He is considerate and appears to have no flaws. Flowers and compliments abound. Very quickly, he makes it clear that he sees Jane as more than a casual date.  Meanwhile, Lindy continues to send Jane passes to the home games and they often spend time talking on the phone.  Lindy shares that he IS NOT interested in dating anyone, and the two settle into a comfortable guy/gal friendship. Matt isn't even jealous, at least for a while.  He does wish that Jane could work a little more on getting Lindy interested in church.  It is only everyone else in the world that can see that something special is brewing between the two friends.   

C. E. Hilbert is a young author, and the target audience for this book is definitely young  Jane is portrayed as an old movie buff.  For the first hundred pages or so, I felt I was drowning in movie/movie star metaphors and allusions.  I do have to say they were done with humor, and despite the heavy hand, they helped bring Jane to life.  Midway through the book, a more authentic story replaced the contrived writing.  As the days and hours tick toward Matt and Jane's wedding, you'll be wanting Lindy to sweep Jane away or for Matt to turn out to be a louse, but that won't happen.
Just what and who is Jane's future?  Younger romance readers will like this title.  Some may not gravitate to the book due to its simple black cover, but give it a read. 

To find out more about the book and C. E. Hilbert, check her website or Deep River Books

I received a review copy of this book from Deep River Books amd Bring It on Communications.

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  1. I love a good romance but I've found I like the heroine to be my age, whatever my age. As I age I find I want her to be mature and responsible too.