Friday, September 7, 2012

The Reunion by Dan Walsh

In 1987 Aaron Miller found a new life when he found God.  He left behind the drugs and alcohol that had cost him his family and propelled him into homelessness.  Now over twenty five years later, Aaron works as a trailer park handy man, too poor to even afford one of the run down trailers he fixes daily.  Most would see him as an insignificant man doing menial, basically insignificant work.  But within the first pages, readers will see Aaron for his true self, a man whose daily steps live the gospel as he treats each person in his path with dignity and care.  Within the trailer park and his church, those who appreciate Aaron's caring ways have no idea that the aging man is a true war hero, a medal of honor recipient who saved three Marines back in Vietnam.

Those three men, who have gone on to successful lives, have the means to gather each year for a reunion.  Only now in their sixties do they realize that they still owe their lives to Aaron, who seems to have totally disappeared. Committed to finding Aaron if he is still alive and finally thanking him, they seek the help of Dave Russo, a reporter who has recently decided to research Vietnam War veterans as a way to honor his own father who died in that war. 

Starting with little more than a name, Russo eventually finds that Aaron Miller had two children -- children who are now adults - children who grew up with only vague memories of a father who disappeared when they were toddlers.  They do not even know that Aaron won a medal of honor.  For daughter Karen, especially, there is only emptiness where love for a father should be. If Dave finds Aaron, will Karen be strong enough to meet the man she feels abandoned her?  Dan Walsh has written an emotional tale that reminds us that there are amazing stories everywhere if we stop and listen.

I don't believe I have read any books by Dan Walsh prior to this, but I am going to be checking out other titles.  He writes with a heart that reminds me of Nicholas Sparks and Richard Paul Evans.  To find out more about Dan Walsh, check out his website.  I received a copy of The Reunion for review purposes from NetGalley.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I have never heard of Dan Walsh but a visit to his website I see he has authored a book with Gary Smalley, who I refer to ofen. I may give the Restoration series a try.

  2. Sue,
    Sounds like a nice read, I'll put it on my list of interests to read in the future. Thanks.
    Aso you mentioned your editor blogging tool disappearing, did you fix it? I just posted on my blog how I finally got mine to work correctly. Here's the link. Jane