Monday, August 20, 2012

The Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson

When Erin empties her father’s safe deposit box after his untimely death, she doesn’t expect to find anything of value. All of his adult life, he had scraped to keep his small Minnesota farm, often having to borrow funds for the next the crop. So Erin is totally unprepared to find a tattered deposit slip to an unknown account hidden at the bottom of the box. Dated several years before, the slip has more zeros than her mind can grasp – is it really over 10,000,000 dollars? How did he get that much money? Why didn’t he tell her? Where is the money? Her questions all lead to the local bank who swears there is no money, no account with those numbers, but Erin wants answers and when trying to hire a lawyer brings threats and intimidation, Erin looks to Twin City lawyer Jared Neaton in desperation. Unknown to Erin, Jared is actually a hometown boy. He left Mission Falls right after high school, wanting to escape the shame of his father’s embezzlement conviction, and he’s never looked back. However, his recent attempt to leave a big name law firm for his own practice has been rocky. Lately, he’s several steps BEHIND the bill collectors. His office assistant Jessie is sure he needs a few surefire cases with clearly defined fees, so she is not pleased when Jared takes off for Mission Falls and another hopeless case. This legal thriller offers all aspects that a good thriller should – backroom deals with unidentified villains, myriad of suspects, an irritable judge, and of course, courtroom confrontations and dangerous chase scenes. I think that even readers of secular legal thrillers will enjoy the pace and details of this story. Christian readers will hone in on the reconciliation story between Jared and his father. This story is not a flashy, quick fix put in the book to make it “Christian,” but a quiet revelation of a man living out his opportunity for forgiveness. I have a list of reasons why I like this book—
1. Plenty of suspense
2. Jared’s maturation
3. Realistic rural setting but with detours to other places
4. Jared’s father and his story
5. Doesn’t have one of those quick, one night stand’s that so many thrillers do
6. And the FINAL REASON, I think the ending hints that there will be more Jared Neaton books!!
To learn more about Todd M. Johnson, check out his the profile on his website.

I received a review copy of this book from Bethany House publishers.  All views expressed are my own.

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