Tuesday, August 21, 2012

State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy

Ollie (Olivia) Paras is the top assistant to the White House Executive chef, but probably only for a few more days.  When Chef Henry retires, one of two things will happen.  One, Ollie's dream will come true and she will be selected as Henry's successor.  Two, her nemesis and cooking show star Laurel Anne will win the honors and most certainly will dismiss Olivia.  As the book progresses and Ollie gets herself deeper and deeper into an international mystery, a future at the White House seems less likely.  Everything seems beyond her control.  She never intended to see an intruder run across the White House lawn and she CERTAINLY didn't plan to hit him with a skillet, but as readers will learn, Ollie is a short, dynamo who acts when action is needed.  Repercussions, such as her boyfriend's Tom reaction come later.  Later, when Olivia is sure that she is being followed by an international killer known as the Chameleon, Secret Service agent Tom walks a precarious line between protecting his girlfriend and following procedures.

Ollie wants to follow Chef Henry's wisdom that those in the kitchen are only concerned with the "state of the onion" leaving the "state of the union" to others, but you just know when there is a special reception to honor two middle east leaders who have finally made a peace agreement that there will be problems and Ollie won't be hiding behind her apron.  This entry into the mystery genre reminds me of Diane Mott Davidson's series with Goldy the caterer.  Both have mates in law enforcement, both are short in stature but big in courage, and their stories are told with light humor. 

If you are a reader of light mysteries, you may want to try Julie Hyzy's entry.  Of course, Olivia continues her mishaps at the executive mansion in more books.  (Let's hope the real White House kitchen only faces mysteries and disasters of the food type!)  I checked this title out on my Nook through the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium. Yeah for libraries!!  This was such a popular title that I was on a waiting list for several months, but I have so many books to read, I just put my name on the holds lists and read things when they come in.  Actually, it is like getting a surprise for that day!

Keep reading friends. 

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  1. Hi Sue! Like yoru blog and I too enjoy reading. I'll be sure to check back and see some of the titles you recommend. Currently am reading and enjoying "WILD" by Cheryl Strayed.
    As ofr how I fixed my editing bar on my blog, after signing in to do a post, on the upper right hand side is a widget for options. CLick on that. A new window will appear and have different options available. I changed the first one on the left that had a dot to fill in about using @#^%$/ blogger or/ basic template or something similiar to that. Checked that off and hit save. VOILA! Fixed finally after several months. Good luck. Jane

    Contact me if that's not it. My friend also had me go in and look at my google profile too. It's hard being electronically challenged. When he helped he stayed on thep hone and I was getting so frustrated, that I just wanted him to come over and fix it for me, but I persevered!