Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Greetings

This has NOT been a week for reading.  The grandchildren who live near us have been on Spring Break.  On Monday we took the two sisters to Green Bay, met our married daughter and her little girl, and went to the NEW Zoo.  The girls had a great time, and of course, we did, too.  Tuesday I worked all day on the cloth baskets that the Easter Bunny requested and got them finished.  A simple way to use up scraps and the kids will like them.  I started reading Choosing to See by MaryBeth Chapman (Curtis) on my Nook and it is an emotional read.  I wish I could finish it before Easter but have too much going on.
Wednesday, I had bridge.  I am a newbie to this game.  A "learners' group" has formed in our little village, and somehow I got roped into learning.  We meet at the library every other week.  While I enjoy the company of the ladies, I am not so sure about the card game.  I doubt that I ever will be a strategic player, but at this stage of life, new pursuits sharpen the brain.  While at the library, I picked up two books that I had placed requests for through interlibrary loan.  I read need to get READING!

Yesterday two granddaughters  (sisters) spent the day with us, and I NEVER sat down all except for a brief lunch. We had a painting project with Grandpa Russ, then we dyed Easter eggs.  S found a recipe for volcano eggs on the web - it is a concoction of baking soda, food coloring, and a few teaspoons of water that you can paint onto the egg.  It allows you to mix colors and make designs.  The paint sort of blisters up like a volcano.  If you want a smooth egg, you just wipe the whole egg after it dries.  The color stays but the soda goes away.  Our efforts are purple and yellow masterpieces, but I certainly plan to wash the eggs before we eat them.  Then S, age 10, and I spent the afternoon making fabric flowers.  I have been experimenting with several styles over the past weeks, and she had seen them and wanted to make some also.  By the end of the afternoon she had a whole bouquet to take home.  B, age 6, spent the afternoon playing store, and at 3:00 I went and got their cousin, E, age 4 so the two little girls could play together.  They had a great time playing store and such.  Of course, they got interested in the flowers, so we helped them each make one.  After they left, it was a quick supper, then church. Our pastor has made all the Lenten messages so special and emotional. 

 I spent the late evening cleaning the family room and sewing area, so we can have Easter get-together. By the time I made it to bed, I ached so much that I couldn't get comfortable. I've spent the morning so far cleaning and planning Sunday's menu.  I am off to get groceries and then do laundry when I get home.  Tomorrow is crammed with commitments, and I am not really sure how I will get everything done.  Sunday will be a glorious day.  Sunrise service is my favorite, then church breakfast, and family time.

This has been my "Me" time for the day.  Must go.   Love and blessings to all.


  1. The fabric baskets sound interesting as do the flowers. My mother suggested I make a child's quilt for our family reunion auction this summer. I've completed my "quilt as you go" squares and am binding them so I can probably work in a baby blanket or two. Do you think the fabric flowers are something she could do?

    I see you have Francine Rivers on your bookshelf. She is one of my FAVORITE authors. Redeemed Love and Atonement Child are so good. I haven't read her most recent as they are such an emotional rollercoaster they leave me drained.
    I really enjoyed her novellas of the lives of Biblical individuals. It helped to visualize their reality versus hearing them just as stories.

    It sounds as though you will enjoy a wonderful Easter weekend. He is Risen! He has Risen Indeed.

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