Monday, February 6, 2012

Corduroy's Lost Buttons - a board book

A board book review?  Am I nuts? 

Don't worry, I am not going to review a board book, although I could because there are vast, vast differences among them.  Some intrigue toddlers and I believe really open the doors to a future love of reading.  Others are just pictures and a few words on cardboard.

I just wanted to post that I will need some time (a day or so) before I post again.  We spent today and late yesterday at our daughter and son-in-laws.  They live almost two hours away, so we don't see them or their sweet little daughter as often as we see our sons' families who live just minutes from our door.  The wee one, as my husband call this youngest grandchild, is now almost 16 months old and changes so much between visits.  She is always a little apprehensive about us oldees, but she warms up to us by the time we leave.
We babysat for a while this afternoon while mom had an appt.  When E woke up from her nap, mom was not there and she was not happy, but a few toys, her favorite crackers, and Grandma reading some board books (including Corduroy) soothed her.  By the time mom came back, she was showing me how her dolly could dance. 

Tonight I need to catch up at home bedore I read. So needless to say, I have no reading done.  The book I read yesterday I enjoyed, but I've decided it doesn't fit my blog, so I must finish my new read before I blog.
Still as I remember E's soft hair and precious smell as we shared a story,  I wanted to take a few minutes to remind all you parents and grandparents, that sometimes -- in fact many times, the best book for you may just be that tattered board book or a special picture book from the library because reading is so much more than just words!

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