Monday, September 19, 2011

What famous house sits on eighteen acres?

Answer to the above question is the White House of course and political commentator Nicolle Wallace has titled her new novel about the inner workings of the White House Eighteen Acres.  Action revolves around three strong female characters:  Melanie Kingston, the White House Chief of Staff; Dale Smith, White House correspondent; and Charlotte Kramer, President of the United States.  In her late thirties, Melanie has already served three administrations and must decide if she is “on board” for Kramer’s re-election campaign.  Dale Smith has earned her Washington correspondent and weekend anchor positions, but it may be her secret relationship with a married man will be her demise.  President Kramer fits the stereotype of a woman who made it to the presidency – she is tough and thrives on challenges.  Has she lost touch with her family and does it matter to her?  What will happen to her administration and re-election hopes when her National Security Advisor makes a rash decision that jeopardizes civilian lives?  Author Wallace has been a Washington insider for 13 years and has worked in the White House for over five years.  Since she worked on the McCain/Palin campaign, she may have a special interest in how the country would change if women were in charge.  Because most political intrigue books I’ve read have some dark villian who has abandoned all moral codes for a power grab I find those books to be too unbelievable.  This story is plausible, but with that, I think it lacks excitement.  The book is much more interesting in the first half than the last half.  And I kept wondering what happened to all the men in Washington because it seemed that the most powerful in all parties were women – not a bad idea, just not likely. I received this title as an advanced readers copy and the review is completely my opinion.  I am not sure who the target audience is.  For those truly intrigued by politics, I think the political workings are too vague and superficial.  There is romance, but it really doesn't take center-stage.  And the book is definitely too slow paced for mystery readers.  Yet the premise was interesting. 

Note to my blog readers:  Thanks for all the support and those of you who've made kind comments. The last few posts I wrote in early September and then posted them at appropriate times.  Last week I had surgery to reconstruct my tear ducts and for a few days reading was not possible. Although I am back on the computer and sewing machines, that little type in books is still a stretch.  I will keep posting about books I've already finished, but I am also going to need some quality reading time once my eyes are back in focus.  Plus I've got to take time to enjoy the fall color when it starts appearing.  Please keep checking for new reviews, but be patient if there are a few days without reviews.

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