Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day and new beginnings

Our forefathers certainly faced uncertainity and challenges as they contemplated independence in 1776, and America has been a country of risks and new frontier ever since.  This may not seem like much of a challenge to anyone except me, but I see my recent retirement as an opportunity to try some new endeavors.
Whether they are sucessful or not, time will tell.

And that leads to this blog.  I've wanted to write for quite some time and my thoughts always come back to books, home, and the domestic arts (a quaint word for sewing, cooking, and maybe even a little gardening). And of course all of that includes family, especially the grandkids.  Whether this blog will cover all
of these or eventually focus on just one will be seen.  To begin, I am going to pursue sharing my thoughts on some of the best reads I've had this year.  Happy Independence Day!

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